About Us 

rafgar- as a group was established a century ago by Ahmad Maqbool and Saif-ud -din

 Naqash, “Naqash rafgar” is a name in Kashmir which it earned because of its peculiar

 and novelty handwork designs patented as naqasi. It is learnt from ancestors  that

 Ahmad & Saif were so engrossed in making their own designs that they used to often

 get up midnight and engrave their conceived designs  on the walls  of their room

 which during those days used to be plastered by a fine clay called ZEN in kashmari


In mid 90’s Salam - ud - din Naqash, took charge and is considered to be man behind

modernising rafgar and giving it a new dimension. With years of his hard work

dedication sincerity and honesty, the group made its presence felt and accordingly, got

 recognized nationally and internationally. Soon it became one of the leading business

 establishments of Kashmir with its own empanelled artisans. 

Learning skills of Management and Marketing, from Leicester Business School England

, Muslim Naqash - MBA - held the gigantic task of managing the affairs of this group on

 a more professional lines and diversified its activities to the extent that the group can

 safely say that: 


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