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Pashmina shawls have been manufactured in Kashmir for thousands of years. The Pashmina Shawl has alluded most women as a luxury wear since centuries. It has remained a passion, a dream come true.Now rafgar brings the Finest Quality Pashmina Kashmere Shawls, jamawars and Stoles at your doorstep.

Perhaps, nothing epitomises the glorious history of Kashmere craftsmanship, as warmly and beautifully, as does the Pashmina. It even takes 5-12 months to prepare a hand embroidered shawl. Many kinds of embroidery are worked on shawls. Sozni (needlework) is generally done in a panel along the sides of the shawl. Motifs, usually abstract designs or stylised paisleys and flowers are worked in one or two, and occasionally three subdued colours.

j a m a w a r

Famous shawls are the Jamavar with the famous paisley pattern. The beauty of the nature is captivated by the skilled artisans of Kashmir taking years to create an expensive embroidery needle which two pieces can never be duplicated, is finally adorned the pashminas. 

Most beautiful and rich people adorn pashmina jamawars

s t o l e s

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience in luxury. Or gift your loved one with the softest, coziest, wrap around. These lovely and elegant pashmina stoles are amazingly light for how warm you will feel.

You will cherish this treasure forever. 

s h a w l

The Kashmere shawl is rooted in a complex craft tradition that goes back at least one thousand years. Its uniqueness lies in a combination of factors that have made it virtually impossible to duplicate anywhere else. Enduring as a design classic that has grown out of an indelible local aesthetic, the shawls appeal lies in its ability to represent continuity as well as change.

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